Friday, February 7, 2014

Is it Uncle Herb or Uncle Jim? Let put the issue to rest.

     Cleaning up my files.  I was looking for a copy of a 1955 newspaper and since the search was proving rather difficult, I decided to file away some photo scans that hadn't made it into the correct folder.  I haven't found that newspaper yet but I found something that should put an old question to rest, once and for all.
     Back on January 8 and 12, blog dealt with a photo that I had found on  I thought that the identifications of Uncle Jim and Uncle Herb had  been switched. Here are links to two blog entries.  
Is it Uncle Herb or Uncle Jim?     Is it Uncle Herb or Uncle Jim? Part Deux
As I was going through some files I found a copy of a Christmas card from Uncle Jim and his wife, Velma.   The card should prove that in this group photo of my grandfather and nine siblings, Jim and Herb were misidentified.
     Thank you, Uncle Jim and Aunt Velma for sending that Christmas card so may years ago.
Ten Siblings 

Christmas Card from Uncle Jim and Aunt Velma

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