Monday, February 24, 2014

A Ten Year Old's Trip of a Lifetime - Part VIII Fireflies, Humidity, and Aunt Jane.

On the campus of Bishop Watterson High School
Cousins Dick and Doug, 

Brothers George and Johnny and myself
     My siblings and I were fascinated with fireflies.   There are no fireflies in California.  We were determined to bring some back in a jar.   I can't remember if they all died in the jar or if Grandpa talked us out of it but in any case no fireflies made the trip back to on the train.
     We were not used to the humidity.  I remember sitting on my grandparents' front steps late in the evening just sapped of all energy.  Of course, there is some correlation between humidity and the amount of green vegetation but I just thought it was miserably humid.  I can't find the old picture that showed us sitting on the steps drained of all energy.
     I would be remiss if I neglected to mention my father's older sister, Jane.  Aunt Jane had no children of her own but considered her many nieces and nephews as hers.  As I have gotten older and as I came to know Aunt Jane better, I have become certain that she was quite involved in all the planning that went into the reunion trip.  She was also a reason that many of these photos have been saved.  She remains special to all of her extended family.  
Aunt Jane with a large number of her nieces and nephews in 1955.

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