Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Is it Uncle Herb or Uncle Jim?

     In 1914, shortly after my father was born, his family traveled back to Bloomington, Illinois to see his father's family.  John McClure Armstrong and Isabelle Baylor had 12 children.  Elmer John Armstrong, my grandfather, was the oldest.  While Elmer was back home, the family had this photo taken.  A few years back, I borrowed a copy of the photo and scanned it.   My aunt, Jane Armstrong Healey, was born in 1912 and so would known these siblings on numerous occasions.  She identified the siblings and I transferred that information onto the photo.  I sent this picture out to family and used it in a family book. 
     And then …

     And then I found this picture on the internet.   

    This picture had to be taken prior to June, 1962.  Jim passed away in that month.  Everything is fine except for the fact that Jim and Herb are switched from what I had known. Two other pictures seem to back up the identification in the 1914 picture, except those pictures were also identified by Aunt Jane.  I called my brother who had seen Herb in the 1960s and he stated that Herb was of slight build and shorter that Elmer.  That would seem to corroborate Aunt Jane's identifications.  It should also be noted that the genealogical data that Aunt Jane passed down is correct.   She was pretty darn smart.  My cousin, Rick, used some facial recognition software on the pictures.  Although not definitive, it seems to back up Aunt Jane.  
    Now I am sending out these pictures to some other relatives to see what we can find out. I will let you know what I find out. 

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