Sunday, January 12, 2014

Is it Uncle Herb or Uncle Jim? Part Deux

     On the eighth of January of this year, we were trying to decide if Uncle Herb and Uncle Jim were misidentified in one or more pictures that are floating around the internet.  I located two additional pictures from Rick Platt's ancestry page.  I cropped the photos in order to focus on Herb.
     I have no problem saying that these three pictures are of the same man. 

 The first two are identified as Herb, and the third is from the group picture below.  I am reasonably certain that in this group picture, that the names of Jim and Herb were switched so the names should be those in red

Incidentally, here is a younger picture of Herb.

And here is an even younger picture of Herb.  That is Herb on the right.  Frankie is on the left.  Frankie passed away at the age of six.

      Herb had a son, Glenn Willis Armstrong.  Glenn Willis died at the age of seven.  His first wife, Eleanor Forte, passed away in 1934.   Herb remarried in 1957.  He retired to the Ozark Mountains in southern Missouri, where he died in 1980 at the age of 88. 

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