Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Ten Year Old's Trip of a Lifetime - Part VI Columbus #2 - The Zoo

     Columbus has a famous zoo, so naturally it became one of our destinations while there.  And if a person goes to the zoo they must ride the zoo zephyr - even if they just rode a train for 2500 miles to get there. 
     We must have had a good sized crowd that day because the picture shows that we took up the better part of two cars.  I can't see all my cousins in this picture but quite a few are there.  That is my father standing between his father and brother who are both sitting.  My brother, George, is standing up in the car and partially obscuring my Grandpa Hugus.
Cousins in the front and cousins in the back
My sister, Jane, and the giraffes are posing the camera.


  1. Where did you find these pictures? I have never seen them before.

  2. The zoo photos were in a collection that came from Aunt Jane.