Monday, January 20, 2014

John Andrew Simison - Jayme's GGG-Grandfather

     I haven't blogged as much lately.  In part this is because I was hot on the trail of some new family tree information.   It is great when some things come together and what you find locks in some relationships and dates.  
     It would appear that John Andrew Simison was born Sept 30, 1800 in Carlisle, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania to Samuel Simison and Margaret Denny.1 At some point in time, John Andrew, his brother, Boyd Denny, and sister, Eliza, migrated south to Mobile County, Alabama.   
     While looking through Alabama records on, I located Probate Record for John Andrew Simison.  The records came from Court Minutes, Administrative Accounts and a will.  There are a total of 25 pages of documents in the county records.
     The will2 mentions John Andrew's two daughters.  One daughter, Margaret Isabella had married Erastus S. Barnett in 1849.  The other daughter, Eliza Ann, was not married at the time that the will was written.  The will was written on Jan 30, 1855 and entered in to evidence on April 20, 1855.  (Some researchers have stated that John Andrew Simison passed away Jan 31, 1855.  No proof has been offered for that date however it certainly falls between Jan 30th and April 20th.)  

     One nice piece of information shows up in the Administrative Accounts where in 1856 Francis Walker is referred to as the son-in-law of John Andrew and Eliza Ann Walker is mentioned as his daughter.  Francis Walker and Eliza Ann had been married on June 4, 1855.  
     Another interesting tidbit showed up in the court record when it was written that the widow, Eliza Simison, missed one court session because she had traveled back to her home state of New York.  She was represented in court by Francis Walker.  (She lived with her daughter and son-in-law until her death in 1900 in Texas.)     

1.  Fleming, George Thornton. History of Pittsburgh and Environs. Chicago and New York: The American Historical Society, 1922.

2.   "Alabama, Probate Records, 1809-1985." Images. FamilySearch. : accessed 2014.  Mobile County Will Book 2 page 350

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