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Can We Ignore Or Justify The Discrepancies?

     I have been following the Simison Family from Alabama back to Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. John Andrew Simison was a son of Samuel Simison and Margaret Denny.  Margaret Denny was a daughter of William Denny and Agnes Parker.  Agnes Parker was the daughter of John Parker and Margaret McClure.  (John and Margaret Parker would be Jayme's GGGGGG-Grandparents.)  I have found the wills of both Margaret and John Parker.  Even though they lived on the same farm, their wills were recorded in different counties. Cumberland County was formed out of Lancaster County in 1750.  It may have taken several years for the new county to be fully functioning, which could account for John Parker's will being recorded in Lancaster County.   
     But there are discrepancies between the wills.  Are these in fact the same family?  I am not sure why other researchers fail to mention John and Esther.  A few researchers mention Margaret's will but not John's.  I am inclined to believe at this point that we are looking at husband and wife.  Margaret's will does mention that she is the relict (widow) of John Parker.  One executor of John's will is brother-in-law, John McClure.  Margaret's maiden name was McClure.  This together with the similar names of children makes me think we are looking at one family.
     Here are the children's names as stated in the sources: 

     I haven't followed Richard and Andrew but apparently they headed to Kentucky.  So Margaret didn't mention them because they may not have been in touch with them.  
     Where do John and Esther fit?  Is John the same as Andrew? (Remember John Andrew is a grandson of Agnes.)  Did John and Esther die young?  What was the disorder mentioned?
     Further research may clear up the discrepancies in the names and birth and death dates.

*In some old records, Nancy and Agnes are versions of the same name

Family search basically states that Agnes and Nancy are interchangeable
Agnes = Agatha

Agnes = Nancy

Agnes = Inez

Nancy              Agnes, Ann, Nan, Nannie
Agnes              Aggy, Ann, Nessie

What were some common personal nicknames in the 18th and 19th centuries?
Nancy is nickname for Ann, Anna, Agnes

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