Monday, January 20, 2014

Home Delivery

     The milkman is a thing of the past.  When I was young, a milkman would deliver milk,butter, and eggs to our door.  He delivered these products on a regular basis. We would place empty glass milk cartons outside the door and the next morning we could pick up bottles full of fresh milk.   We had milk home delivery when our oldest son was young.  Unfortunately, that is one service that is gone.  It was my understanding that milkmen weren't paid particularly well.  With the rise of the cost of gas, transportation costs became prohibitive.  (The milkman tradition survives in some locations but not around here)
    The Helms bakery man was another delivery service that is no longer with us.  The Helms bakery was a Southern California fixture for years.  If my mother needed bread we would listen around four o'clock for the whistle that signaled the arrival of the Helms Bakery man.  The back of the panel truck was filled with drawers full of bakery products. The supermarkets, that began carrying fresh bakery goods, doomed the Helms Bakery.
     Will the mailman be the next to go?   Will modern technology help revive or create new delivery services?

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