Friday, January 10, 2014

Frozen in Time

     I made three trips to Ohio while my Grandpa and Grandma Armstrong were alive.  Pictures prove that I was there in 1946, as toddler, although I don't remember that trip.   

Christmas - 1946 
That is me on the far right.
     We went as a family in 1955.  This picture was taken on July 4, 1955 at the reunion.

Family Reunion - July 1955
That's me in the middle row, second form the left.
     In 1966, I traveled east just before my senior year of college. We played a lot of cards and visited relatives.  Grandma passed away in 1967.

Trip during the summer of 1966
Notice the 1955 Reunion picture on the wall.

     In addition to those trips east, my grandparents made a few trips out to California.  
     But in all the pictures my grandfather look remarkably the same. Grandma looks a little older in the 1966.  
     I don't think they aged that much.  But they were getting older.  Grandma passed away a year later and Grandpa passed away in 1971, just prior to my marriage.  I wish my wife and sons could have met them.  But their image is frozen in my mind.

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