Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Taking a Horse to School

     When Jayme's grandmother passed away, her belongings stayed with her husband, Bill Larned. When he passed away several years later her belonging passed to Bill's daughter.  Last fall his daughter found us because of our genealogical postings and two suitcases of photographs made their way to our house.  Buried in the middle of a collection was a photo that will make my granddaughters jealous.  
     Among the great-great-granddaughters of Betty are a few that like horses a lot.  A couple even have their own horses.  I am certain that Hailey, Abbey, Mickey, and Laney would think it was fun to ride a horse to school. (At least the first day)  

     Based on information and a picture in a history of Stevens County, Kansas this is likely a picture taken outside Good Luck School southwest of Hugoton, Kansas.  We believe that the girl in front on the middle horse is Fayetta (Betty) Kilbourne. A couple of the others are siblings of Betty. This picture was likely taken around 1920.  
     The second picture was likely taken around the same time since all the kids seem to be wearing the same clothes.  Kids of that time may only have had one set of clothes so interpret the word around quite generously.  Betty is the tallest girl in the back.  Teachers of the Good Luck School around 1920 were 1917-18 - Roxie Schaeffer; 1918-20 Bertha Fields; and 1920-21 Grace Wagner.  In 1921-22 the teacher was  male and I doubt that Betty was in school after that time.  Betty was born in 1909 and married in 1924.

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