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Gates Family in Early Maryland: Peter Gates ( -1787)

Peter Gates, son of Robert Gates; grandson of Robert Gates and Dorothy Hunt

     Joseph Gates is listed as the guardian of his nephew, Peter Gates, in the 1733/34 will of Robert Gates.  Peter Gates inherited a portion of a tract of land from his father in 1733 in that will.  He purchased land in 1756 from Francis and Elizabeth Capshaw.   
     It appears that between 1757 and 1759, Peter sold his interest in his land holdings in Charles County.  In 1757 he sold his share of the tract of land in Charles County called Loving Brothers.  In 1759 he sold the land he had purchased from the Capshaws.
     In 1760, while still a resident of Charles County, he purchased a tract of land, called Anchovy Hills1, in Prince George's County. (His grandson, Elisha, sold Anchovy Hills about sixty years later.)

Peter Gates' will2 was written on April 23, 1783. He names twelve children.  The will was recorded in Prince George's County on Nov. 5, 1787 so he probably died shortly before that date.  Peter names his wife, Jane, and son, James Truman Gates, as executors of the estate.

The twelve children of Peter Gates and Jane _______ are:
1)  Mary Ann (Harrison)
2)  Dorothy (Brion)
3)  Sarah (Gibbons)
4)  Elizabeth (Gibbons)
5)  Henrietta (Queen)
6)  Catherine (Spaulding)
7)  James Truman
8)  Vinson
9)  Walter
10) Ellenor
11) Lucy
12) Jane

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2. "Maryland, Register of Wills Books, 1629-1999." Images. FamilySearch. : accessed 2014. Citing Prerogative Court. Hall of Records, Annapolis. Prince George's County, Liber T page 255-256

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