Monday, April 7, 2014

Gates Family

Notes and questions about the family of Elisha Gates

     Blog posts for the last week have dealt with the ancestors of Elisha Gates.  I have traced the family back to Robert Gates, who was transported to Maryland in 1655.  We followed the records through Robert's son, Robert, his grandson, Peter, and great-grandson, James Truman Gates.  James Truman Gates was the father of Elisha Gates. 
   Elisha left Maryland and settled in Nelson County, Kentucky.  One of his sons, William Raymond Gates married Elizabeth Mattingly and their daughter, Eliza Jane Gates was my great-grandmother.

     My research answered some questions however, new questions have surfaced. 

1. Our earliest Robert married Dorothy Hunt, daughter of John and Dorothy.  What additional information can we learn about them?
2. Who was the wife of our second Robert (and mother of Peter)?
3. Peter married Jane. Was her maiden name, Capshaw?
4. Can we determine more information about Mary Ann, the wife of James Truman Gates?
5. What is the origin of the name Truman?   Was it a maiden name of one of the wives?  We know three people who use Truman as a middle name, James Truman Gates (two of them) and Henry Truman Compton.
6. A book on John Joseph Montgomery mentions that Thomas Montgomery was a cousin of Elisha Gates.  What exactly was the connection?
7.Three people with the surname Gates paid taxes in Nelson County in 1818, Elisha, Leonard, and Peter?  Can we pinpoint the relationships?  
8. Can we accurately determine the location of the tract of land called Anchovy Hills?

The trail uncovering the ancestors of Elisha took about twelve years.  I hope that it doesn't take another twelve years to answer these questions.  

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