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Gates Family in Early Maryland: Robert (1686-1733/34)

Robert Gates, son of Robert Gates and Dorothy Hunt

     The second generation of the Gates family in Maryland consisted of six siblings, including Robert Gates.  This Robert Gates was born on Feb. 13, 1686 in Charles County, Maryland.  He was about twelve years of age when his father passed away.  
     Robert Gates wrote a will1 on Jan 16, 1733/34 and mentioned sons, Robert, Joseph and Peter.  The will was recorded Feb 4, 1733/34 in Charles County.  Robert was the oldest son and it appears that he was the executor. Robert's brother, Joseph, was made the guardian of Peter and Joseph.  Robert did not mention any other children, although, according to Mary Louise Donnelly, he had several.  He also does not mention his wife, so she probably preceded him in death.  In his father's will, Robert and his brothers were left a tract of land called Loving Brothers to share.  

Robert's will was written on 16 Jan 1733/34 and recorded on 4 Feb 1733/34
This document is typical of many old documents.  Parts have faded and the ink from previous and subsequent pages has bled through making it difficult to transcribe.

Children of Robert2  (At this time his wife is unknown) 
1) Robert
2) James died prior to 10 Aug 1758 when Robert sold his share of the land
3) Margaret
4) Peter
5) Joseph died without issue in 1772
6) John

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