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Gates Family in Early Maryland: James Truman Gates ( -1794)

James Truman Gates, son of Peter Gates and Jane

     In 1787, James Truman Gates, along with his mother, Jane, was named as executor of his father's will.  James Truman Gates gains control of a portion of a tract of land known as Anchovy Hills.  In 1791 he repurchases a part of Anchovy Hills that his father had sold.1   

In this 1791 deed it appears that James Truman Gates is buying back a portion of Anchovy Hills along Aquasco Creek, that his father, Peter Gates, had sold.
    However, on June 24, 1794, Ann Mary Gates states that she is the widow of James T. Gates and sells part of Anchovy Hills to Henry Truman Compton.2  Two years later, in 1796, Ann Mary Gates leases part of that same tract to William Mayhew.  These transactions would indicate that James T. Gates died between 1791 and 1794.  He died intestate.In 1798, Mary Ann Gates is listed in a newspaper as owing taxes on Anchovy Hills.3  

A portion of the 1794 deed

   By August 8, 1801, (date of earliest known record) Mary Ann has passed away and Elisha and Elizabeth are shown in Guardianship Records.4

Children of James Truman Gates and Mary Ann Gates
1) Elisha  (1789-1863)
2) Elizabeth  

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