Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Price Was Right.

     In 1940, Guy McBee married his second wife, Lillian Warner.  Shortly after the wedding they purchased a  house out in the San Fernando Valley. Full price was just $1095.  Doesn't sound like much but since this was just after the depression money was tight and  it probably stretched their budget just as much as as houses do today. 
     Below is an advertisement for their house, followed by a picture of Guy and his brother.  Below that is a view of what the house looks like today.  It looks like someone is remodeling.  
    Within two years Guy was a working further south and so the family had moved to Long Beach.  
The Herbert B. Pratt Co. was about
 half of a mile from the house.

Guy McBee (right) with his brother, John, in front of Guy's house

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