Thursday, March 27, 2014

Letters From The Front - Part III

     The third and last letter in the collection was written by John B. Armstrong, on Feb 16, 1944.  By that time he had made a fourth amphibious landing with the Third Infantry Division at Anzio.  The men had been trapped near the beachhead for over a month. Interestingly on the day this letter was written his silver star had been approved.  He received a silver star for gallantry in action that had occurred on November 10, 1943 near Mignano, Italy.  It was also a day when the Germans counterattacked the Allied position.
     When Dorothy finished college she was hired by Mills College and was placed in charge of nutrition.  She remained there for a year before moving back to Ohio.  Mills College is located in the San Francisco Bay region while my father and mother lived in the Los Angeles area. 
     Again, below is an image of the letter followed by the transcription.

Dear Dot and Everett,
     Hope everything is fine with all of you.  How is Charlie getting along  -  is he walking yet?  When he does don’t let him start off on his left foot.
     There isn’t anything (?) here.  The rains have slowed down and we get to dry out every once in a while.  The mud, Rain, & cold sure made me homesick for goo old Calif.  They say they’ve had lots of rain there this year.  There wouldn’t be any mud though.  Do you ever wish you were back there?  I’ve met some boys over here that used to go with girls from Mills.  One of our officers went to Standford. 
     Jane says you are thinking of moving to a larger house.  Mother & Daddy are also thinking of moving I guess.  I told them they ought to go to California while they have a chance.                      John

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