Sunday, March 23, 2014

HIstorical Fiction - Jasper Tudor and the White Queen

     Having always enjoyed historical fiction, both novels and films, I recently enjoyed watching The White Queen.   The White Queen is a miniseries, based upon a series of novels by Philippa Gregory.   Of course, not every event and person depicted in the series is completely accurate but it was still enjoyable to watch.  (Note: It is not for children.)
     One thing that made it fun to watch was the fact that several of my ancestors/relations were characters in the series.  If all research is correct, Jasper Tudor was my 13th great-grandfather.  Some historians claim that one Wyllyam Gardynyr (William Gardiner) was a common soldier who dealt the death blow to King Richard III and was rewarded with wealth and status. He was allowed to marry the illegitimate daughter of Jasper Tudor.  It was fun to watch the relationships between the families and how they used and changed relationships  in order to gain alliances and power.  It is interesting how people of power both then and now express their religious convictions, and at the same time have affairs and commit murder.   

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