Monday, March 10, 2014

Anti-aircraft Guns near Los Angeles

     After the attack on Pearl Harbour, Angelenos  lived in fear of air raids by the Japanese.  When my father went in the army he told my mother to move up near the mountains in Altadena.  That is the reason for the location of the family when my father returned and when I was born. He felt that the Altadena/Pasadena area would be safer than their old home close to downtown Los Angeles.
     Jayme's mother moved around frequently as a child but for at least a short amount of time she lived in Sun Valley with her mother.  I am not certain when Garna's mother married Ole Henrikson but I know it would have been after the 1940 census and before November 20, 1944.  (more on this at a later date)
      Recently, as I was going through some old photos I found one that showed some soldiers stationed at an anti-aircraft gun. Written on the back of the photo is
"Soldiers stationed across
 from Garna's house 
WWII and her dog Tipper 
Roscoe (Sun City)"

          In trying to locate where this photo was taken, I mistakenly thought that  they must have lived on Roscoe Boulevard in Sun City.  I knew I was close when I checked the skyline on Google Maps but I was only close.  Later I found an envelope addressed to Mrs. Betty F. Henrikson at 7737 Arcola Avenue Roscoe, California.  Unfortunately the city of Roscoe doesn't exist on Google Maps.  A little research told me that Roscoe was a neighborhood of Sun Valley.  
The new address was about one mile south of Roscoe Boulevard.  Obviously, the neighborhood had changed tremendously since 1944.  The freeway didn't exist at that time and there had been a thousands of homes built since the war. 

     But I am fairly certain that the anti-aircraft gun was located just east of this address.  I couldn't see the hills from the known address because of the trees and newer houses.  But, if I moved about ¼ mile east, I think the mountain profile is close to matching.  The Verdugo Mountains serve as a backdrop to the anti-aircraft gun.  I posted the original picture again so the mountain profile could be more easily compared.

The Verdugo Mountains serve as a backdrop to anti-aircraft gun.

 Verdugo Mountains on wikipedia

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