Thursday, August 1, 2013

Who is that with Elisha?

    Two-hundred years ago Elisha Gates answered the call to go to battle against the British and their Native-American allies.  Is it possible that Elisha Gates was with family and friends while serving in the Kentucky Mounted Volunteer Militia1?    
     Elisha's name appears on page 166 of the book "Kentucky Soldiers of the War of 1812".  A couple of interesting names appear on page 167. (See below)
     One name of interest is John S. Summers.  Is John S. Summers related to the woman who Elisha married.  In 1818 Elisha married Christina Ann Summers in Prince George's County, Maryland.   In 1827 Elisha and Christina, while living in Kentucky, sold a tract of land called Meadows Resurvey located in Prince George's County to a John G. Summers.  Are John G. Summers, John S. Summers and Christina Ann Summers related?  Ongoing research is a requirement.  
       Another name, 'John Yates' is last on the list.  Whenever I see the name Yates, I wonder if it is Gates transcribed incorrectly.  I have found records where the last name Gates has been misread as Yates.  In the third image on this webpage you can see where the 'G' in Gates looks perilously like a 'Y'.  Handwriting has changed over the years and a capital G used to be open at the top and have a tail below the line.  If the name is John Gates is this John related to Elisha?  Elisha named his first son John so it is certainly a possibility. Some day I would like to find if that name should be 'John Gates'.  The only way to be certain would be to find the original piece of paper.  This might require a trip to the Kentucky Archives in order to see the original.
     Is Henderson Mudd related to the Elisha's first guardian, Joshua Mudd?  Again further research will be required.
     As is normally the case, whenever one locates information about an ancestor, that same information raises more questions than answers.


1. Clift, G. Glenn. Kentucky Soldiers of the War of 1812. Frankfort, Kentucky: Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Kentucky, 1891

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