Tuesday, August 27, 2013

More New Books!

     As we know in order to understand our ancestors we must know the history of their times.  I received three new books in the mail yesterday.  I hope that these books help me better understand the lives of my ancestors.  I have a lot of reading to do but that won't be a problem.  I love to read.
     James David Armstrong left Ireland with his wife and infant daughter in 1849 during the Irish Potato Famine so I ordered the Atlas of the Great Irish Famine edited by Crowley, Smyth, and Murphy.  I am looking forward to this book. I will be reading this book off and on over months because it is a large heavy book.

     Samuel Stratton and his wife Alice arrived in Watertown, Massachusetts by 1647.  My branch of the Strattons stayed in the area for a few generations, so I want to understand this time period. The book that I hope will help with this part of history is Divided We Stand: Watertown, Massachusetts, 1630-1680 by Roger Thompson. I have already found a few references to Samuel, Alice and Richard Stratton.
     Railroad Depots of Central Ohio by Mark J. Camp is my third book.  It will give me a visual of where my grandfather, Lloyd V. Hugus worked.  I don't have any pictures of him working on the railroad. 
      If I miss a day of blogging, you'll know what I 'm doing.

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