Wednesday, August 7, 2013

John G. Gates - Rebel Uncle

    John G. Gates was a bit of a travelin' man.  John was the first born of Elisha and Christina Gates.  Based upon his gravestone he was born in 1819.  At various times his place of birth is listed as Maryland, Kentucky or even Missouri.  I would tend to believe the Maryland birthplace, however I have a hard time figuring the logistics of how that might have happened. (See earlier blog about Elisha traveling to Kentucky and back to Maryland.)  Both John and his brother, William were tall, standing six feet six inches.
     In an 1855 deed, John and his brother, William, were given 153 acres of land by Elisha and Christina for their love and affection.  The deed states that John Gates is living in Texas.  Exactly when and why he went there and why he came back is unknown.   
     In the 1860 census he lived in Owensboro and worked in a distillery.  There were family connections to distilleries in the area.
     There were two John Gates from Kentucky who fought for the Confederacy.  I tend to believe that he is the one who enlisted in 1861 in Company A 5th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry (also known as 9th Infantry Regiment - Orphan Brigade).  If that is the case then about a year later near Jackson, Mississippi, he was deemed incapable of performing his duties because of his varicose veins.  My reasons for believing that this is the correct man are based on his age, place of birth and height.
     He told his brother that he wouldn’t get married until late in life and that he would marry a much younger women.  This prediction came true in 1875 at the age of 56 he married Belle Carrico who was 34 years his junior.  During the next census  he has settled down and owns a farm near his brother in Nelson County.
     John G. Gates died in 1890 and is buried in St. Gregory’s Cemetery near Samuels, Kentucky.

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