Saturday, August 10, 2013

Anna Maria, Wife of Nicholas, Which One Art Thou?

     Hans Jacob Berlin married Anna Margarita Euler.  He is buried in Abbottstown, Adams County, Pennsylvania.  She is not buried with Jacob.  His son, Nicholas married Anna Maria _____.  He died and is buried in Allegheny Cemetery in Pittsburgh.  Nicholas had a daughter Anna Maria, named after her mother.   Nicholas' son Daniel married Mary Ann Negley.  Daniel's second wife is Margaret Kuhns.  Daniel Berlin and John Nicholas Berlin are buried in the same lot in Allegheny Cemetery along with four females as shown below.    
What is the relationship between these women? Who is who?  
     Since Nicholas' mother, Anna Margarita Euler Berlin was probably born about 1720 it is unlike that she is buried here.  She probably died before 1810.  Some researchers claim she died between 1804 and 1810 (although without sources).  She probably came west with her son, Nicholas and may have died in Westmoreland County.  
     It is thought that Daniel's first wife died in 1829 near the birth and death of a child.  There is also a George N. who died in March 1829 who is buried here.  That would mean that #4 Mary A was Daniel's first wife.
     It is also believed that Anna Maria, the wife of Nicholas died after 1836.   She was born around 1750.  This would probably mean that #5 was the wife of Nicholas and then #3 could have been his daughter.   
     So is #1 an unknown daughter or does it indicate that some record about Daniel's second wife is incorrectly transcribed?  
     Knowing that middle names were often switched with first names and sometime names were anglicized could Anna Maria be Mary Ann?  Only time and more research will tell.  This cemetery record while wonderful to have creates more questions than answers.

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