Thursday, June 5, 2014

Old Names versus New Names

     One website that I like to peruse occasionally is  In my previous life I taught mathematics and this website gives me an insight into news and sports from a mathematical (statistical) point of view.  As I scanned through the articles one article caught my eye.  
     How to Tell Someone’s Age When All You Know Is Her Name 
     The article was interesting to me from a genealogical standpoint.  The authors discuss the median age of some young names and  some older names.  My sister's grandson is named Jadon (Jayden). The median age for people named Jayden is about four years old.  (50% of the boys with that name are younger than four.)  On the other end of the spectrum is my grandfather's name, Elmer.  The median age for people named Elmer is sixty-six.  
    In my family tree there women named, Beulah, Minnie, Mabel, and Agnes.  The median age for those names is at least seventy-five.  
    My granddaughter, Hailey, is fourteen and the median age for the name Hailey is thirteen.  
     The next time I go to my other granddaughter's soccer game I bet I hear the names that appear on the youngest name list: Ava, Ella, Isabella, Zoe. 
    Take a look at this graph1 from the article.  Mabel was my grandmother's middle name.  And there is my grandfather's name at the top of the list for men.

1. "How to Tell Someone's Age When All You Know Is Her Name." 2014. 5 Jun. 2014 <>

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