Wednesday, December 18, 2013

One Thing Leads to Another

     In the process of writing a blog entry on John Buryl Ireland, who was the father of Sarah Nina Ireland Prinslow, I made a chance discovery.  I had been trying to find out more information about a Civil War battle where he had been wounded.  For some reason I googled his full name, not really expecting to find much.  I noticed one search result that mention the Prinslow name, which wasn't by itself surprising since John B. Ireland's daughter married Charles Prinslow.  What was interesting was that this search result sent me to a blog about Prinslow genealogy.   Naturally I had to contact the blogger and ended up on a Facebook page about John Ireland and Rhoda Hartson Ireland.   It turns out that the blogger's grandfather is a cousin of our Pop, John Prenslow Boyd.  The blogger even had a picture of John B. Ireland that we had not seen before. Yesterday was a good day.
   But one thing lead to another. Things got better because our 'new' relative, Sarah Prinslow Frempong also was researching the surname Neely.  Neely is a surname that is is my family tree.  Back around 1805, Elizabeth Neely, my 3rd great-grandmother married George Berlin.  I visited George and Elizabeth's son, Jeremiah Berlin's gravestone last summer.  Rick Platt and I hiked around Allegheny Cemetery looking for the grave of George's father and another son, Jesse.  Back in August I wrote several blog entries about this part of the family.  See Nicholas Berlin and Anna Marie I hadn't found much about the Neely family but part of the problem is the spelling of Neely.  So today while goggling  'John Paul Neely' I spotted an entry that lead me to a Findagrave Memorial for Him.  Now I know why I hadn't found it before.  First the picture has not been online all that long and I had not researched the Neely name in the last year.  The other reason was the spelling.  I had been aware that Neely was sometime spelled Neleigh.  Now I have several new spelling to look for.  Neely had morphed into Naly 

NEELY; NELEIGH; NELIGH; NELICH: NALY; and who knows what else will open the door.

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Paul Neely on Findagrave      Veronica Shupe Neely

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