Saturday, December 14, 2013

Charles Prinslow & James B. Ireland

     My favorite genealogical website is familyseach.  I make a point of checking a few times each week to see what records have updated by checking the column heading "Last Updated".  At least once records, which had not shown up on microfilm, have showed up as digital records online.  Last night, ten different record collections were updated.  One collection caught my eye.
     Charles Prinslow had settled in the Lincoln County, South Dakota at least by 1884 and James B. Ireland had arrived in Turner County by at least 1887. When 'South Dakota, School Records, 1879-1970' showed as being last updated on Dec. 13, 2013, I had to go do some more research. Schools in Lincoln County are not yet in the data base but Turner County Records are included.  
     The school records are not indexed but with some effort we should be able to locate some useful records.  While trying to decipher the school district number that might be useful, I ended up in Centerville, SD and noticed a link for some records and photos for Riverview Cemetery.  This site had some photos and a map that Findagrave does not have on their site.   (By the way, I will get back to that school research.)
     By combining information on that site with a Google Map we can see approximately where family members are buried.  If you click on the markers you should be able to see pictures of the graves.

     In this second map you can see the land that Charles Prinslow was able to purchase (outlined in yellow).  He owned around 960 acres.  This land was in Lincoln County.   James B. Ireland owned 160 acres (outlined in a peach color).     His land was in Turner County.  James had difficulty farming his land because of injuries suffered in the Civil War so he eventually moved into Centerville. The blue line is the border between Turner County to the west and Lincoln County to the east.  The orange dot (a rectangle if you zoom in), north of Centerville is the location of Riverview Cemetery.  

     The picture below is of the Prinslow home in Brooklyn Township, Lincoln County, South Dakota.   When Minnie Prinslow Boyd, daughter of Charles, passed she offered her son, John Boyd, a chance to farm 160 acres in Lincoln County.  John, a native Californian, decided to stay in Orange County. 

Prinslow Homestead in South Dakota

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  1. The center two pictures do not show up, even thought I refreshed the page. I'm wondering if you might have any positive info on the birth of Sarah Nina Ireland? I'm working on a DAR application for a friend and need something for her birth. Thanks
    Jolene Dodge