Sunday, October 27, 2013

Saturday in the Fall & The Ohio State University

     Fall Saturday afternoons bring back fond memories of my father.  He graduated for The Ohio State University in 1939.  He followed OSU football passionately.  We could get occasional games on the radio and later on TV.
     We got our first TV in 1964 or 65 when I was in college - a little black and white thing. Since we lived in California, OSU games were not broadcast very often.  He might catch the Michigan game and possibly a Rose Bowl game.  He was sure proud when Ohio State represented the Big Ten in the Rose Bowl.
     My dad had a dislike for Michigan and that dislike (hatred?) was ingrained in us from an early age.  He used to talk about a coach that won everything except the game against Michigan and subsequently got fired.
     My father would have loved cable TV with all of the sports channels.  He did live long enough to see a few channels like ESPN but he would love watching all the games that are on TV now.
    I don't watch a lot of football but when OSU is playing I try to watch at least part of the game because of my dad.  I am watching OSU dismantle Penn State as I write this.
     Oh, did I say that my dad didn't like Michigan.  I don't like Michigan either.

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