Thursday, October 24, 2013

Leggett-Mathews(Mathis) Marriage License

     Often the names we find for our ancestors don't match up perfectly with what we expect.  Frequently I see first names and middle names interchanged.  Ancestors use a first name and later use a middle name and then they go back to the first name and then they start using a nickname.  Many never went to school and so they couldn't tell if a census taker or county clerk had spelled their name correctly.  
     Last month after examining some census records I decided to look for vital records for the Leggett and Mathis families.  The records didn't show up on so I checked out the Collin County website and noticed a Genealogy tab.  I was hoping to find a marriage record for Lennie Mathis and William Pinkney Leggett.  A marriage record search returned the following results:

     W. P. Liggett could certainly be William Pinkney Leggett but who is Lura Mathews.  Could Lura be Lennie?   For six dollars I ordered the record.  
     What should have taken a few days or less ended up taking almost a month but the marriage license showed up in yesterday's email mailbox. 
      Comparing the names on the images taken from the license to what we think should be there and I am certain that we have the correct license.  The first set of names was written by the county clerk while the darker handwriting was by the Justice of the Peace.   The clerk wrote what looks like W. P. Seggett but the S is just a fancy L.  The Justice of the Peace wrote what looks like Liggett. I am sure this is William Pinkney Leggett.
    The bride's name at first glance could be Lura but upon closer inspection it appears to be Lina.  Did Lina morph over time into Linnie?
    For some reason The name Mathis and Mathews have been interchanged more than once.   The US Census shows Lennie's family as Mathews and Mathis.  In the above search Lee Mathis and Lura Mathews are sisters.

I am convinced that the marriage license shown below is the license for my wife's great-grandparents,  William Pinkney Leggett and Lennie Mathis.

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