Thursday, September 19, 2013

WIlliam Perry Lorton - Six Years Old

     James T. Lorton is the great-grandfather of 'Pop' John Boyd.  He had arrived in California in 1849 and worked for a time in Gold Rush Country, where the miners 'learnt me to read and rite'.   
     By 1862 he had married and was working on a ranch along the Cosumnes River, which is southeast of Sacramento.  We have not yet found a marriage record but the June 17, 18621  article from the Sacramento Union mentions his wife and the ranch where he worked.  

Elizabeth was obviously expecting a child at that time because on September 25th2 of that year an unnamed son was born on the same ranch.

William Perry Lorton, that unnamed boy died 6 years and 5 months later in Bird Valley3, which is northwest of Sacramento.  William was the name of James T. Lorton's father.  The boys middle name may give us a hint at Elizabeth's maiden name.  An Elizabeth Perry lived in the same area as James T. Lorton in 1860.  

     At this time it is unknown what little William died from. No record has been found about his burial. 
     By 1870 the family has three additional children (Elizabeth, Don, and George).  The youngest girl, Annetta was born about 1873.   No further records have been found for Elizabeth. It is unknown when or where she passed away.  By 1876 the family had left northern California and settled in Saticoy, Ventura County.

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