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James David Armstrong - Part III: Family

Sorry this blog post got unpublished.  I thought I was reverting to what was published earlier but instead I unpublished it.

     Interestingly enough one obituary of James David Armstrong doesn't mention his family at all.  A second obituary mentioned his wife, although not by name.  The same obituary mentions three of his six children. The 1870 Census gives us the names of all children.  There is agreement with the 1860 Census with the exception of son, John.
Name                    Age       Birthplace          Occupation
James Armstrong     49        Ireland               Farmer
Margaret    "           49        Ireland               keeping house
Sarah        "           21        Ireland               At Home
Hannah      "           19        New Jersey         At Home
Nancy        "           16        New Jersey         At Home
James        "           14        New Jersey
Margaret    "           11        Illinois
John          "            9         Illinois               

     Sarah, Hannah, and John were not named in the second obituary probably because they were gone years before their father   Nancy married 'Dice' Teter and died in 1888 in Oregon.   Margaret passed away at the age of 15 in 1874.  James went to Nebraska but after a few years the family lost contact with him.
     James' wife, Margaret died in 1876.  James David Armstrong had married Margaret McClure on Aug 4, 1847 at Carryduff in the Parish of Drumbro in County Down.  

The Carryduff Parish was formed in 1838.  The church, which was built in 1841, is still in use.  A current picture of the Carryduff Presbyterian Church.  The building on the right minus the front portion was probably the part built in 1841.  

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Links to images of the church
Church and Cemetery
Church Website

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