Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Delayed Birth Certificate: Guy McBee

      Guy McBee, great-great grandfather of Hailey and Abbey, was born June 19, 1902 in Bronson, Bourbon County, Kansas.  Bronson is about 25 miles from the Kansas-Missouri border.  Births in Kansas were not recorded at the state level until 1913 so any record would be at the county level.  The McBees were dirt poor moved often and would have had a difficult time going more than twenty miles to the county seat.  
     Based upon Guy's Delayed Birth Certificate, the birth was not recorded at the time of birth. When Guy wanted to get proof of birth (probably at a time when he was registering either for Social Security or union membership) he submitted an affidavit from his father, his marriage license, an ID card, and a voter registration.  This certificate show his name as Guy Charles McBee even though at the time of birth he was named Charles Guyer McBee. He is listed as Charlie G. in the 1910 U.S. Census; Guy in the 1915 Kansas Census & 1920 U.S. Census; and Gui in the 1905 Kansas Census; Guy Charley on his 1940 marriage record.)

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