Friday, November 29, 2013

Visiting the Grandparents

    Yesterday, I said that I didn't have the opportunity to visit my grandparents  during the holidays.  I guess that this isn't quite true.  I was looking at pictures that I scanned during one marathon scanning session.  Here is one of the pictures that was taken during a trip from California to Ohio.  Being a grandfather myself, I love this picture of my grandparents.
That's me on my grandfather's left arm

Dick, David (me) Linda, Chas, Johnny, and Diane
     I had narrowed the date of the picture to the winter of 1946-47, based on the ages of the grandchildren involved and those not yet born.  But my brother John says he remember the trip and it was at Christmas time.  My father had been working temporarily in New Orleans and had flown up to Ohio for Christmas.  He remembers picking up my father at the airport.  
    Grandma and Grandpa Armstrong ended up with eighteen grandchildren.  Diane, the oldest, was born in 1940 and Mark, the youngest, was born nineteen years later.

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