Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Call to Active Duty - 1942

     While attending Ohio State University my father, John B. Armstrong served in ROTC.  He is in the front of the fourth row in the picture shown below.  Check out the antique cars in the picture.  
ROTC at The Ohio State University in the late 1930s
     As a result of this activity he was called to active duty shortly after Pearl Harbor. He entered the army as a Second Lieutenant.  He spent some time at Camp Roberts. In May, he was assigned to the 3rd Division 15th Infantry Regiment at Fort Ord, California.  No World War II enlistment record has been found, possibly because of his service in the reserves and ROTC prior to the war. (In addition, millions of military personnel records were burned in a fire at the National Archives in St. Louis in 1973.) On 16 September 1942 the Third Division was sent to Camp Pickett in Virginia in preparation for war in Africa. 
Lt. John B. Armstrong
March 1942 - California

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