Sunday, August 2, 2015

Forty-One Year Old Selfie

   On our third anniversary, back in 1974, we had a little fun with our camera.  Jayme and I took a picture of ourselves.  Yes, we did that back then.  Here is our Selfie.

Anniversary 1974

     A few differences between then and now.  Back then you took a picture and  then waited until you took all the pictures in the roll of film.  That might takes a few months. When you finished the roll of film, you took the roll to the local film developer and about a week or two later you would get to see the results of you photo.  If the original was out of focus or off center then you were just out of luck.  It could be ready for the trash can.  
     In this case you can see the results.  Oh, well.  There is other differences. Less hair and it is grey.  You also had to wait for forty years to put the Selfie up on the Internet.  

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