Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ole A. Henrikson and His B-25

     Ole was the love of Grandma Betty's life.  At least that is what she said.  We never got to meet him. We are not quite sure when or where Grandma Betty married Ole Henrikson.  Unfortunately, we do know when the marriage ended.  
     One surviving postcard, addressed to Betty Henrikson, is dated Oct 11, 1943 So it is probably safe to assume that they married prior to that date.  Ole was born in Fort Ransom, North Dakota in 1920.  Before the war he had worked on a nearby farm.  After coming to California, he worked some as a bartender but almost all the pictures that have survived show Ole in his Army Air Corps uniform or flight suit.  
     In November, 1944 his unit was sent to Arizona for training.  Late on Nov 20, 1944 his plane crashed about eight miles south-west of Chandler, Arizona.  His body was brought back to California and he is buried in Valhalla Memorial Park.

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